Self Awareness

Self Awareness: Here I talk about real life personal observations that I have made in everyday life, such as how I feel being Lakota, what it feels like to be pregnant during a virus and personal blogs that can connect to you in your life.


These blogs that I write are about things that happen to people in everyday life. They may hit you at home or any where you go. I blog about things that I become self aware about and how it affects my life. From gaming , to military duty to even different sites that come and go in life. Every day, there is something new you can see. I talk about Art in the city and different cultures around the world. In fact, my favorite blog in these series is called “What you need to know about Diversity” It talks about how we see color, because that is how our world works. How there are different types of diversity in the world and sometimes we have trouble seeing all of them.