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          The girl who lives a double. A double of being a foster child and Later adopted. The trails and triumphs of what she went through to fight through her emotions to fit in the world. How to adjust to the changes that she went through , from the nightmares to the daily memories and struggles. She traveled across the Continent to find herself and make peace with her spirit. Not only did she make peace with herself, but she is on a mission to help people find peace within themselves. She blogs about her daily struggles and the memories from her past still haunt her. The memories affect her day to day life, but that does not mean she can succeed. She will blog about how her struggles helped her triumphs shine.  Look around her blog and see her adventures and step into her past as she opens her mind for you to read. You may get emotional about the struggles she went through and you may wonder how she survived. Nothing has stopped this girl from getting where she needed to be. Read the blog and explore the pages, you might even learn something your life.


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I have also written a book ( Not published yet) about my life being abused and moving from foster home to foster home until finally being adopted at age 7.

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“Forgiveness is the hardest thing for a human being, sometimes we do something so that it is unforgivable” 
A true story about a girls life being abused and locked up. Neglected by her mom and forgotten by her father. The blog focuses on each chapter of her life leading up to when she finally got adopted.  Each chapter is apart of the memories that she will hold with her for the rest of her life. She chapter will tell you about how she developed her own way and her own survival. The book is titled “Sour Milk” a story of pennies and Pain, because she survived on looking for pennies on the ground just to feed her siblings. Whenever she got in trouble or abused by her family, she would have a sour milk stomach that made made her get sick. As you explore each chapter, you will see how she got through each situation and how she got where she is today.


About the Blogger: 


My name is Samantha and my mission is to tell you a story about my life. Why is my life different? Why do I want to tell you? Because my life is not what you think it might be. I live a double life. What do I mean by a double life? When you meet me in person, you would not think I have been abused or thrown like garbage or hurt. You would not believe the struggles I went through. Going through the trails of foster families and  finally being accepted into a new family. Being judged on my skin color and even being labeled as something that I am not. My whole life I have covered up these memories and now I am ready to share them to those who want to read my blog.