Being Financially fit during Covid-19

If you came to read about how to be financially fit during Covid-19, this blog probably is not for you. I wish I could tell you all the wonderful things about financially fit during covid, but before I wrote this blog, I had troubles where to begin or even how I should begin. My family was struggling just like the rest of yours. I had troubles figuring out how to find the right answers for you. So let me begin with this…

The other day, I was talking to my husband about financial struggles during covid. How we weren’t the only family finding it difficult. We spoke about how credit card companies were making profit from so many people who needed extra cash just to get by. Many needed to feed their families, pay their bills and just live.

It is so sad to see a world depending on money just to feel like a normal human being. My husband and I spoke about being “Financially fit” during this time. We were all caught up on our bills, loans and such before Covid hit. Just the other day, we both looked at our checking accounts and said ” Grocery shopping will have to wait until payday.” (Which was two days away) we were losing this battle of being “Financially fit” during this time. With a baby on the way, everyday we tell ourselves ” this is just temporary, we will make it.” As my military paychecks come to end, I prepare myself to look for a job.

Upon my research, I get “calls and emails” about me starting in a month or a week, than the second wave of Covid-19 hit and the businesses stopped onboarding new people. It was a huge mess. I wait patiently at home, and anxious to start working again. I look around and see how so many people are just like me. Just wanting to get back to their jobs, to get back to normal. Did we really create a world where money makes us feel normal?

My husband and I used to put money aside to pay all our bills two or three months ahead of time. We had money leftover for fun stuff, but this time it was different. We wish everyday to do the things we want to do. We go on walks, watch our spending and live the best life we can live. I wish I can give you advice on how to be “Financially fit” during this time, but every persons situation is different. Some have more mouths to feed, parents deciding on sending their children to school, the list goes on. I wish I had some fabulous advice for this time on how to save money, but with many families who don’t have that paycheck coming in anymore, how can they save? Many are dipping into their savings , college savings and so on. I can complain about others not saving, when I am having troubles even getting a job. Does this make me feel any better?

My husband and I look around our house and think about the things we do have. The roof over our heads, the oatmeal we can make in the morning and the small things we can do. If we get bored of being in our house, we take our dog to the park and make the best of it. These are different times and sometimes we don’t always have all the answers.

I hear as many lose their jobs as their businesses shut down due to Covid-19. No last paychecks, the health insurance goes away and life is not normal. We all live on eggshells at this time. We depend on our own government to try and save us. Is this how we should be living?

As you open that 3rd or 4th credit card, you watch the interest build on your first few, you are wonder how those are going to get paid. You tell yourself “Once this is over…” But no one really knows when it is over. We could be living in our credit cards for another half of a year. The only reason you need credit card is to buy school supplies or winter clothes or even just food. Many are “unemployed” so why not file? Well, millions of Americans file and many got denied. Before they filed, they were behind on their bills, their mother got sick. Their child got cancer. Life goes on even if the money stops. A questions comes into mind ” Why are people are freaking out if their unemployment stopped? Didn’t they save money?” They are partying and living off the government. Well, now that half of the world is struggling to even pay their water bill, those who were just scrapping by come to light. This makes everyone of us realize that even without Covid-19 , people where living like this. This is how some people lived and now the whole world sees it. We start to think this is unfair.

As this time, do we need to judge others living situation? Many lost their families to Covid-19 and dealing with medical bills, children’s needs and many other things that their own health insurance was covering, now they don’t have any. Once their jobs closed, the health insurance stopped, the dental stopped. How can a family be “financially fit” during this time?

Okay, let us backup here. How can we be financially fit during covid? Everyone has a different living situation and everyone has their bills and such. I can tell to put $5 a side or $1 aside a day. I tried this experiment on myself, mind you I don’t have a job and my husband is the one bringing in paychecks at this time. I put a $5 in our money jar and left. Didn’t touch it for about 10 days. Than, I needed to get something for the baby. I didn’t have money, so I used the $10.00 that lasted me 10 days. Maybe some of you will do better than me, but you probably can finance better than I can.

Even though we make these wonderful posts and blogs about our families make the right choices and going out to events. We are all struggling in some way, we are all figuring this out for our families. We rely on our government to give us something to help us get by, why? Because the food we buy, the products we use, the insurance we need, we need our government. Is this what our country has gone to? Our basic living needs is based off something else? As people start to grow their own gardens, make their own clothing, we start to see some light.

So I ask you, how are you being “Financially Fit” during Covid-19? Did you open another credit card? Did you go to food banks? What were your tactics?

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