What did your parents teach you?


My parents taught me everything…One thing that really stuck out to me …



Your age is just a number and your status is just a status.

What does this mean? As I near my 29th birthday I realize that, I am not wiser , better or richer than those around me.

Wiser, no matter what age you are, anyone can be wise. Some may agree and some may disagree. Someone once told me, you teach the younger generation and those below you, but you also open your mind to learn from them. That is a wise person. You are not better than them or judge them. You never stand above them or make them feel little. You help them feel equal. When I was teaching preschool, were they 3yrs old…yes…but did they teach me so many things about life … Like how I should enjoy the little things. Never give up on the smallest achievements. That is how my classroom worked so well. Trust me, 15 three year olds by yourself was something else, but we worked in harmony with each other. Have you gained more wisdom over the years, become more aware of your surroundings and actions, yes…but you are no wiser than the person who took a different path in their life.

Better, you are no better than the person who makes less than you. You have accomplishments, but you don’t brag. You don’t rush and compare. Our society has taught us to better ourselves and to leave others behind. We were taught to not look back at those who are struggling. I had a supervisor who was the best supervisor I ever had. He told us that he will be there for us if we find a better life a better way to make money to improve our lives. No matter if it we made more or not. He would help us grow and achieve. He treated us as equals. We are not better than those who don’t have a job or refuse to make more. We are not better than those who live homeless, we are people. We know our boundaries,but we also see everyone as people. With this said, the way you accomplish your goals doesn’t make you better. I have seen people who improved their lives and started judging those who are still trying. Those who are still working. Those who need the confidence that so many other people had.

Richer, no one person is richer than you. When we think rich… We think “money,” yes it improves our lifestyle and gets us new fancy cars and such,but my parents taught me that richer means family. Richer means you have someone to say ” you are learning and I am proud of you. No matter how many mistakes you make. You are growing. Never give up on yourself. You got this.” My husband and I sometimes say ” I wish I made more…” But we look around and see that we are making more. We have support. We have hands reaching out to us and who can pick us up when we fall. Does family pay bills? No…but one thing that family pays for is encouragement and inspiration to keep fighting to pay those bills. We know that family doesn’t pay our bills, but family keeps us going one step at a time. One day and one journey at a time.


This is a picture of my Grandma who passed away. She always taught us to accepted anyone who needs help and to keep working hard everyday. 

So in the end of all this, you may be working so hard to be where you are and achieve so much. But, always be humble to those around out. Pick up some trash, give some food to someone who needs it. When covid hit, I noticed that so many people stepped up and helped their neighbors with food or to keep their lawn cleans. Just simple things to get people through. Family does not have to be your mom or dad, but people who push you to be more. People who bring you back on your feet and tell you that you are doing a good job. Someone to give you chance at life.

Some people do not have family, but that does not mean they can create their family, find their own family. Every family is different, but you learn to stay humble to those who are also struggling. Never look down at them, never make them feel less, because you were once that person. You were once struggling.



That is why I was taught that family is the most important tool. Your family is what makes you keep going.


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