Reasons why this is a perfect time to play video games….

As the world fights this virus, many of you are in your house in front of the T.V and playing all your video games. Don’t be ashamed, because it actually helps you grow. Here are the reasons why:

1. You don’t spread the virus. So STAY HOME!!

2. You learn how to actually brain storm and problem solve. Maybe the teachers should invest in this.

3. You spend your money on a new videos at this time. The one you have been meaning to get, only to find out it was a crappy game afterall.

4. Work on your communication skills. You can swear and say all the wonderful words that you hold in on your regular work day.

5. Meet new people virtually and one day you might even date one of them or maybe during your quarentine, anything is possible.

6. Learn how to use your imagination. Explore new worlds, see new things and work on your creation skills. Only to realize you are at home on your couch. Promising that when you leave this quarentine, you will explore more of the world, yet you disappoint yourself, because you looked at your checking account.

7. Get in arguments with teenagers. You cannot wait for them to go back to school. Which improves your chances of getting on any debate team.

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