10 things to do at home if you are quarentined by a virus

1. Play all the boardgames in your house (if you don’t have any, ignore this one)

2. Repaint a bedroom (if you dont have any paint or a bedroom. Crayons will do)

3. Bake some cookies and eat all of them in sadness as you stare out the window wondering if you can be released.

4. Play video games ( if you don’t play video games, ignore #4)

5. Clean the whole house/apt/condo ( sounds like a good idea until you realize how messy of person you actually are)

6. Do the laundry and wait several days until actually putting it away. You got time. Gives you something to do on another day of boredom.

7. Redecorate with the little stuff you have, because clearly you won’t be going anywhere to find new things.

8. Arts and crafts. Draw a picture of what you would be doing if you were not stuck at your home and cry when you are done.

9. Surf the web. As the companies slowly go down, the internet is still your best friend and you can go through Google maps wishing you were in the Bahamas right now.

10. Actually talk to your family. Of course there is nothing new going on, so family time is always fun. The screaming and yelling, who took who’s toy. Fun times.

Again, if you are completely bored of everything, you can always eat all your snacks that you are dividing out for the days to come. You live your best life while your quarentined.

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