The Wolf land

The dog. The dog was blonde with little ears. A young 5 year old Australian cattle dog. The dog was full of adventure and happiness. The dog belonged to a man. A man who need a dog to protect him. A man who needed to find a dog to protect him after he lost everything to intruders.

Everyday, the man would go work in his field, keeping himself busy. The dog was always there. The man would repair his fields after animals took his crops and work hard to provide for his family, never giving up. Why? Because the dog never gave up on him. The dog went with him to the field every morning and stayed with him all day. The dog never left his side.

One day, as the man was working in his field, he heard howls. Howls meant wolves, the man hoped the wolves would stay away from his crops. He was tired of repairing his fields and needed to be there for his family. The dog sniffed the air and moved around the man in nervousness. The man continued to work, listening and waiting in anticipation for something to happen. The man worked harder, putting everything he did for the day in his truck and drove off. He did not want to work anymore if wolves were in the area.

That night, the howls were closer. The man grabbed his gun and the dog growled, walking back and forth by the back door. The man listened. The howls stopped. There was nothing but silence. The man sat in his chair until day break, not sleeping, but waiting. He knew if the wolves got in the house they would take his baby and kill his family.

That morning, he went back out into his land to see what damaged was done. The wolves had dug up all his onions and carrots. This confused the man, because wolves don’t eat onions and carrots. He walked around looking for footprints or anything to help him figure out what happened. He saw human footprints all over his land. He knew what was going on. The intruders were back. He knew who they were too. The neighbors has stolen his crops, because they were having troubles growing anything on their land. He did not understand why they acted like wolves, when they could just go on his land.

He heard it again, a huge howl. It sounded really close. The dog barked in the direction of the trees, as three wolves peaked from the trees. These were not big wolves, but little wolves. They were lost and hungry. The man stared at them and they stared back. Ready to stand his ground, the man waited.

The dog ran over to the wolves, the man chasing after him. Yelling for him, holding gun close. Sniffing the little wolves, the dog nuzzled their backs and licked their head. The man stopped and stared. He could not believe his eyes. His dog was making friends with these wolves. The man reached over and petted the wolves, they nuzzled his hand. That is when the man knew that thwse wolves wanted to be friends.

The man and the dog walked back to their truck and the wolves followed. They hopped right in the back with the dog. The man still could not believe himself. He had three pet wolves.

The next night, the man heard howling again. But, this time it was different. He knew the sounds between a human howl and a wolf howl, now that he is living with three of them. The man grabbed his gun, the dog and wolves followed. In his land, three figures were pulling up his crops and stuffing them in bags. The dog growled, startling the three figures. They howled at the dog, thinking it would chase them away. From behind the dog, the three wolves appeared, showing their teeth. The three figures stopped what they were doing, ran as fast as they could away from the man’s land.  Not before one of the wolves lunged at one of them, tearing the bag of food from the his hand. The intruder saw the look on the wolves face, forgetting the bag. They ran off the man’s land. The man called the wolves and dog back to him. 

As the months passed, news that the man had three wolves on his land stopped all intruders. The wolves were apart of the man and his land. The dog taught them to be with the man, taught them how to herd the sheep. The man’s farm was named “The Wolf land” because the wolves took care of the man and family.