The Family Tree

The tree. The tree was painted on the wall like it was meant to be there. The branches were fainted from years of wear. There were pictures of my family all the way back to the 1600s. Proudly at the top of the tree in Gold faded letters was the name ” Yellow” my name. Mia Yellow. I was named after my grandmother who passed away months ago. She spoke of this tree proudly, waiting for the day her name would appear. I looked at one of the branches and there, right next to one of the leaves my grandmothers name was written. I was not sure who wrote it there, but she seemed happy in the picture. Looking closer, I saw she was wearing the white gown we had buried her in and the yellow flowers she requested behind her in a pink vase.

“Mia” I heard a fainted voice in my thoughts as I examined the rest of the tree. “Mia!” I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped. “Honey, can you help with the rest of the boxes. You have been starting at that thing for 3 hrs now.” My dad said, handing me a box.

As I walked past the tree, I swear I saw all the eyes in the picture following me, but I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. As I finished organizing my room, I could not stop thinking about the tree. Making my way back to the tree, I heard a scream coming from the living room.

Running to the living room, past the tree, the eyes still following me. My mom was standing on the coffee table yelling about some rat under the Television stand. My dad was trying to lure it out with a broom. Not wanting to deal with that, I walked back to the tree and looked at it further. My grandmother picture was different than before. It was smudged out and her facial had changed from happy into pain and the yellow flowers were dead.

“Mom! Dad!” I said not taking my eyes off her picture. “Did you do something to grandma’s picture?” I said still not taking my eyes off the picture. My grandma looked sad and her eyes looked at though they were calling for help.

” We….what? No…what?” My mom said trying to keep away from rat my dad had finally caught.

“Nevermind..” I said. Thinking that we probably bumped it as we were moving boxes.


That night at dinner, my dad shoved down his meatloaf saying he had to work in the garage. ” This house gives me the creeps.” He said leaving quickly. My mom just looked at him and shrugged. “It is all we can afford.” She said under her breath.

As my dad left, I took a side glance at tree. “Mom?” I said

“Yes, honey” she said washing my dad’s plate.

“What is the story behind the family tree on the wall?”

“It is just a tree. Sweetie.” She said looking at it. ” Your grandma talked about it all the time. Saying she was excited to be on it when she passed away. Saying it was some form of protection.”

“Protection?” I said confused, still looking at the tree.

” I do not know what she meant. By the end she was going crazy and no one knew what she was saying. Finish your dinner.” She said as she finished washing the plates. “You start school tomorrow.”

“Great school..” I mumbled under my breath. I had forgotten about school.

As I got ready for bed after supper, I heard whispering coming from the hallway of the tree. I figured it was my dad coming back from the garage or my mom talking on the phone to her clients. My mom was a counselor and loved having her clients at our house. I hated it. My mom was always working with someone at our house and it never really felt like our house with people over all the time.

The whispering got louder and louder, until it sounded like someone was having a party in our hallway. Angry, I got out of bed, rushed into the hallway, ready to yell at my mom own mom for being loud, saw no one. The lights were off, the crickets were making noises outside and the only person in the hallway was me. Surprised, I walked down the hallway towards the kitchen, listening for any noises. One quick glance at the tree, this time the eyes were closed. I could not remember if they had been open before or not. Not wanting to linger, I walked towards the kitchen. Without turning on the light, I crept around thinking about the tree again. Had the eyes been open before? I could not get my mind off that tree or those eyes. I was thinking hard about those eyes and noises. What could have made those noises? I was sure someone was outside the hallway. I heard glasses clink together and loud talking.

“Honey?” What are you doing?” My dad yelled running towards me.

I looked at him confused. Looking down, I realized that I had turned on the burner and my hand was inches from the flames. Backing up, I looked at my hand confused. ” What are you doing? You could have done some serious damage.” My dad said. ” Let me look at your hand.” Examining it he said, ” You got lucky, but if you are that stressed, please talk to your mom or I and we can help you.” Still stunned, I did not have a come back like I always do when my parents catch me doing something they do not like. ” Yes dad.” I said, looking at my hand.

As I went to bed that night I couldn’t remember what I was doing with the oven on or what was happening with my hand. All I remember thinking is about that family tree and what was going on in why grandmas picture was all messed up. I thought maybe I should ask my mom and dad again about the noises in the tree because I’m not sure what was going on. As I climbed into bed I heard my mom and my dad talking about what had just happened. It sounded like just like muffles, but I knew that they are talking about me.

The next morning I was jolted awake by huge thought about my room. It sounded like something was being dropped. I ran to my door and I open it and let door swings so hard that it banged against the wall. “Mom! Dad! I yelled is everything okay?” But nobody answered I stepped out into the hallway and it was dark like it was still night time but my room was showing the Sun shining through the window, confused I took one step forward and that’s when I saw it. In the middle of the hallway stood my grandma…..

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