The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So after making a blog about my 5 day challenge on Keto. I realized that maybe I should cover what the Keto diet really is? right? I mean I am sure you have heard about some form of keto? So be prepared for some research here as I break it down for you.

There is no one way to do keto and no right or wrong way. You can do a form of Keto to match your lifestyle. I am not an expert on Ketosis or what actually happens in every diet option. I just know that Keto is making a stand in the Diet headlines. People are reading up more about about it, seeing results faster.

So we are here to talk about the Good, the bad and the Ugly about Keto. Why? Every diet has a Good side and a Bad side right? There is always going to be something that someone pin points on and wont do it, right? They talk people into that ONE wrong thing about a diet and BAM no one does it. I have heard people say that Keto is unhealthy, wrong and it can hurt you. Like? What kind of Keto you doing? Martial Arts Keto? Okay.. okay.. Back on track. People say that Keto is a form of “Lifestyle” right? Does this mean you have to adjust your life to this Keto diet? Do you have to do a 360 on your life, that sounds painful if you ask me? No, not really. The only changes that you are really making are what you eat and your physically activity. So, I guess it is changing your daily activities.

When I talk about the Keto, I get people saying “ That sounds like too much work…” or ” Yeah, this wont work for me…” Let me break it further down for you. Before I started Keto, I had trouble dropping weight, No matter how much I worked out. No matter how many miles I ran, NO MATTER how much sweat burned my eye balls. I could not drop my weight. After discovering Keto, the weight just dropped. My life was finally moving forward and I was able to focus better. Keto is known to help with Type 1 diabetes and PCOS. I had cysts on my Ovaries and after months of Keto they went from the size of my fist to quarter size. A bit personal, but hey, I am here to tell you the changes that Keto did for me.

So what is Keto?

According to WebMd and Life Made Keto ( and Keto or “Ketogenic” is low carb diet like the Atkins diet. You get your calories from the proteins and fats that you eat and watch your carb intake like breads and pasta.

Okay… stop there… WebMd that sounds like too much … I do not know if I can give up my Whataburger. Does this mean I have to read every label on the back of things at the grocery story? I take too long there anyways and the lines are way too long, I do not have to time to stop and read every label. but…okay…keep going about this Keto Diet… WebMD…

According to the Keto diet, you are taking in about 50 or less carbs a day, this means your body will start to lose fuel

Hence WebMD, What I did Keto, I would feeling dizzy for the first few days and tired all the time. I had to drag myself out of bed or off the couch. Does that sound right to you?

Yes! your body will break down the proteins and fats that you ate instead of the sugars, which helps you lose weight, which puts your body in state called “Ketosis” Be careful, you might take your body out of ketosis and you can slip into eating carbs again.

SLOW DOWN WEBMD that is alot to take in. So….What you are saying is…I have to put my body in this stage? How do I know if it is in this stage? What does this diet even require a stage? I do not understand.

Easy, you start to want the healthier foods more. They taste a lot better , you start to explore more ways to eat these foods in different varieties. You learn how to do it without thinking. If you were to take your body out of this stage in the first few weeks, you will slip back into how you were before and start over. You wont lose the weight.

IS that a threat, are you saying that if I do no reach this stage, I might not lose weight? Because this Keto diet sounds like I am putting my body through some type of journey to save a princess or something. Well, WebMD how does Keto work for my health? How do I know this is healthy for me?

Keto is known to help with Type 1 diabetes and PCOS. It is known to help regulate ladies on their time and help with epilepsy. It help regulate your system and push out all the bad stuff from your system. Since the keto diet makes you burn through fuel quickly, you are lowering your level of insulin. Which can protect you from different forms of cancer. Which is why the cysts decreased in size and did not become cancerous. It can also help with High blood pressure and heart failures, it is unclear how long it can help with this though. The Keto diet is still young and still being developed. It can also help with your acne on your face.

SLLLLLOOOWW DOOOWWNNN! I pay 100000 dollars every year to clear up my face… so you are saying that I am able to save lots of money from face cleaning products, If I start to eat right?

Yes! By cutting down your carb intake, your face starts to clear up. So that is a plus! Which can also build your confidence! Also by working out, the Keto diet can help you regulate your muscles even at your peak performance.

Cool … cool… facts are fun…okay Now tell me the UGLY OF KETO, so I can spread that around and tell people only that information.

Well, this type of diet can lead to kidney stones , bad breath, fatugue and weakness.

I guess that explains why I was dizzy and weak my first days of keto…uh..

Again, every diet you take has something wrong with and something right with it. Always adjust your diet to what fits your body type and lifestyle. There is always a Good , Bad and Ugly to all the things that you do, let it be diets or workouts or your everyday life. I am not saying that this is for everyone. Just look at what it can do for you. Who knows, you might like it or your might not.


3 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    1. I focused on 5 days of keto to help others and build it up. Keto has so far grown to be a positive experience for me. I did it past 5 days, but I can write about how it became my life and helped me lose weight. Keto is still growing and many of my family members have started keto and are seeing great results. Thank you for your comment!


      1. Yes, it seems like a healthful option for many people. Cycling off and on is probably the best idea until more research comes in but a lot of positive anecdotal evidence is coming in. Gary Taubes is releasing a book on keto in April which I’m looking forward to.

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