Keto Challenge Blog

The other night I was laying in bed after running 2 miles in the Texas heat thinking about my weight loss. All the steps I had to take, the clothes I went through and the emotions!

As I was thinking, I heard a “DING” from my phone. I had received an email from my Recruiter saying I had to reach my weight goal of 150.

I walked over to the scale and looked at the black screen thinking about what it will say, thinking about all those people telling me that no matter what it says , I am where I need to be. I am proud of me. But for this situation, I knew I had to do it. I had no excuses. I was on a tight schedule. I had to be at 150 by August 15th, that was my goal. I had no excuses , no reasons. Stepping on that scale on foot at a time, I watched as the numbers hit 135…..140….146….150….155.2 and beeeeeeep!!!


I looked at those numbers, not disappointed, not depressed. I knew I had to do something. Something to get my weight down.

So I have created this challenge blog. I have to lose 5 in 5 days. Is this even possible? Healthy? Can it be done? This Blog will help stay on track, plus who knows, it might help someone in the future. I just blog about things.

So here is the breakdown:

I am going to post two pictures a day. What I look like and how much I weigh. What types of food I eat and the workouts I do. I am going to take a picture of the foods that I eat and different Keto Friendly foods that I eat.

I actually started yesterday to get my body going: Here is the break down from Yesterday:


Breakfast: Coffee and water

Lunch: Steak/ Cauliflower/ green beans and keto pancakes

Dinner: Keto Jambalaya

Workout :

Run 1.68 Miles with HIIT small workouts

Here I go….

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