Challenge blog: Keto Day #5

Weight : Beginning of day 151.2 lbs — End of day 149.4


Food :

  • Breakfast : Corn Tortillas with egg whites and beans with bacon
  • Snack : Coffee and water and ice cream
  • Dinner : Eggs and Bacon


Summary : Today is my final day of this challenge. Did I do it? This morning my weight came in at 151.2. I have to see by the end of the day. I guess if I did not do it, I probably just proved that you can lose 4 lbs in a week, either way I lost the weight right? That is a small success. I guess losing that 1.2 lbs is going to be interesting when I record my final weight tonight. I had some breakfast for the first time a week. I HATED Corn Tortillas , but today was different! After having that taco, it was the best thing I ate in a long time! I guess it was good to say that I went to the bathroom. YES! I am blogging when I go to the bathroom, because this is the cheapest way to clean out your system, no extra pills, extra drinks or anything and I want to show how the Keto cleans out your system and keeps you health. Just good old coffee and water. I feel more productive and more active. After completely cleaning out my system, it is safe to say that I crave corn Tortillas, which is a healthier version from the flour ones.

I did it! I made it in past 5 lbs in 5 days!! MORE THAN 5 lbs!! I was able to control my diet and keep myself reliable on what food intake and my workout schedule. There were times when I wanted to stop or I was getting nervous about the results, but I promised myself that I would blog the truth. So, even if I did not reach my goal, I would blog about the struggles about it. By sticking to a low carb, no snacking diet with stuff to clean out my system everyday. I was working on cleaning out the bad things to help good things get through my system. I am here to prove that even though you see yourself everyday and need an extra push, I hope that you are reading these blogs and you find some hope in them. Whoever you are! 🙂

I do have to admit, this week was hard. I wanted all the foods, by this I mean I craved everything! I craved whataburger, taco bell, EVERYTHING! my body wanted those carbs. I almost give in a few times to it, saying that it is just a little bit of carbs…Just a little…but knowing me. Alittle turns into SEVERAL days! I had ice cream last night, after a week on the keto diet, that even did not taste good anymore. My taste buds were changing. I was changing in everywhere.

I think that is why people do not do diets like this , because the hard work turns them away and they find excuses to not keep going. Sometimes you do not even see results right away. There are many factors in trying to lose weight, if you are just starting the keto diet. It will be the hardest 2 weeks of your diet plan, once you can get past those two weeks. It will be smooth sailing from there.

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