I will make you smile until you say Good Bye. 
I will wipe those tears until they dry. I will hold your hands in the tough times and give you strength in the easy times. I will share my positive energy with you, because you need it the most. I will be proud to have you in life no matter what comes our way. I will give you light when your goes out . I will give you faith and hope to smile once more. I will be as silly as a clown and as huggable as a bear until you are laughing again. I will protect you spiritually, physically and emotionally.
And I will always love you ❤

When you think about being in a relationship what do you think about? Your old girlfriend/boyfriend? The good and the bad feelings? How much they hurt you or made you feel good about yourself. Do you live in regret? Did you change for them? Did they change for you? Did you argue over the dumbest things? Did you get hurt physically or emotionally?

Well let us take a trip to the past, ALLLLLL the way back to High School when things seemed simple and you could concentrate on what you look like, how you dress and who is dating who? Right? We are all so obsessed with the idea of being wanted , of being needed by someone. We do not care if they hurt so many times or spread rumors about us. We just want to feel needed. Again, you can see this as playing the field. Trying to see what you like and dislike about other people. What fits in your lifestyle.

Think about it, the movies like Easy A , Cinderella or Kissing Booth, where a girl falls in love with some guy or wants to have that moment with another person, just to prove themselves one way or another. Movies like this show that you have to do anything just to get the person you want in your life, to grab their attention right? Just the idea of feeling love and needed. You will ignore everyone else advice just to feel needed just to feel loved. You are working out what you want. One or two or three or four people at at time. I mean, I am not judging you in this blog.

Now, fast forward to the future. Are you married? did you marry the same person you did while in High school? did something change? did you change? or are you still walking around searching? Finding where you belong and who you want to be with? There are two sides to everyone story, we all wanted to be married, have that family and feel wanted by someone. You can come across people that say ” No I am not about that lifestyle.” but we all know the truth, secretly everyone wants that. People just shot the idea down, because they have been hurt too many times, a shield is put around their heart.

The Heart… ❤

The Heart is the base of were we express our love. It pounds at our first kiss, our first everything with another person right? Sometimes it makes you feel dizzy and sometimes it can hurt you. You release your heart to the people you meet. This does not mean you throw yourself at the person that you see. No, sometimes you cannot control what your heart feels insides, which leads to heart breaks and trust issues. Your heart controls what you do in any relationship, you feel the love for the person no matter how many times they hurt you, no matter how many times they have cheated or how many times they treat you bad. Can you trust your heart? You want to change that person so bad that you force your heart to trust that person. With that said, your heart can also help you love someone. It can release a positive energy and grow with another persons heart. You do everything to keep that person. You feel that person pain and love, you two have become one without even realizing it.

The Rebound…..

Where you pretend to be with someone , because you miss that touch or need from what you had before. As you get older, you cover this up with late night stands, dating apps and even just yourself. You cover these emotions up, because you are scared that it will happen to you again. The person you meet is your rebound person, you lead them on, but secretly you are just there just to feel needed. I am sure we all have been a rebound person for someone else right?

The change…

Everyone person goes through a change right? Let it be big or small. We can be in love with a person from day #1, but will you be still in love with that person when you or they want to change their life? Make a huge change that will affect both of you. Let me be honest here, When I change my career path, my ex-husband did everything to make me stay at home. He even told me to get jobs at gas stations and take the shifts. No, that would not lead me to the direction I want to go. No, that was not what I had in mind. I changed my whole life and he did not want anything to do with it. I had to make choices for me. Being in a relationship, we all go through these changes and it giving so support to the other person is what makes it work right? Look at your relationships, did you / are you supporting the person you love? Are you holding them back? Do think you can make your changes with the other person?

The Marriage:

I am reading this book about marriage, given to me by my mother in law. It talks about the Highs and lows of marriage. There will be times when you both need to be off on your own, there are times when you both need each other. But, with a marriage, you both are learning to become one. Become the person you want to be with that other person. It talks about how marriage will change you, either for the good or for the bad. When you got married, did you change or did your partner change? Less sex? Less communication? or the opposite? Excited to talk about your life together. Take that step together, be your future together. Some people find it hard to adjust to marriage, they become isolated and live with regret. The “excitement” of boyfriend and girlfriend is gone. You don’t have to sneak around , you are officially tied to a person. Because, now you are in it for the long run. So the real question is…what makes a successful marriage? What makes it work? Well, I am not here to give you that answer. As I am not a relationship expert, all I know is that each marriage is different. Some people need each other, while others want to push that other person away. All marriages are different. Not all marriages will work. Think about how and why you got married. Did you have doubts? Did you have second thoughts? Did you really love that person? Did your family agree? The pressure of marriage is put on us from day #1. We are expected to get married, expected to have grandchildren and expect to have a career right? Once this all falls apart…what do you do now?

I am not writing this blog to say that I am a relationship expert or expect you actually read this blog. There are so many variables in a relationship that I am sure I did not cover everything in this blog. I know from the experiences that I have been through. Sometimes it is good to not give everyone your whole heart, give it to them little by little and live your relationship with surprises and love. We don’t expect our partner to make us happy, we are happy because our happiness flows with their happiness. Putting pressure on another person to fix our hearts is too much for one person. Fix yourself , so your relationships can be happy and healthy. Just today on my lunch break, someone was talking to me about liking someone else and they were married to someone else. Sounds like a mess right? Did that person have doubts? Did that person not stop looking after marriage? Nowadays, marriage is not viewed as seriously as it used to be. Our eyes began to wonder and we forget to fix the family in front of us. We find thw easy way out. So to those that actually read this blog, just be you and give a little piece of your heart one moment and one day at a time.

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