Challenge blog: Keto Day #4

Weight : Beginning of day 151.6 lbs — End of day 151.4lbs

Food :

  • Breakfast : Coffee and water : Intermediate fasting
  • Snack : Dark Chocolate and strawberries
  • Dinner : Tacos with lettuce and tomatoes, with avocados and pepper/onion mix


Today, I took it easy. I just focused on my inner energy. As you make changes for your body, you can become more emotional and more stressed. I am making a huge change and my body is freaking out. I have heard from the people that Keto is bad for you. Well it depends on what you do. I focused on low card and pretty much flushing out my system. I made sure that I was still able to function, mental focus and physical focus. By taking a day to focus on my inner energy, I was able to control my focus everyday. I take the dark chocolates to give myself some help in that area and take a vitamin each day.

The chocolates helps me focus and make sure my body is adjusting well to these changes. The low card keto diet is different and I understand why people will turn away from it? I know I did for the longest time. I did not want to give up my noodles and breads. Anything High carb is so good! Right? But, does that mean it can be bad for you all the time? I dont think so. I took some good carbs today. I had some strawberries that contain good carbs like sweet potatoes. I only ate 5 of them. In the keto diet, fruit in moderation is good for you. My weight did not change, no ups or downs after eating the strawberries, but I manage to keep my body it ketosis. We are almost done with our week 🙂 I guess having coffee and water in the mornings is a really cheap way to flush out all the bad stuff. Let us just say, that I have a clean system and I lost weight from it. No, I did not lose all the “Fats” yet but, I was able to get my body in the right direction. In day 4, I was craving Taco Cabana ( Taco Place in Austin , TX) , but I had to use my self control and so I had a can of diet coke. ( Yup! I had some soda on the keto diet) Does that mean I cheated? I know there are some keto diets out there that take Soda out of the equation. I am not sure. But I dont think I cheated? I guess I did notice that the weight dropped like crazy the first fews days ( which was promising) now, I am drop not as much. I dont know if my body is adjusting to this or I need to make a change to something I am doing in my daily activities? Run faster? Eat something else? Whatever happens, I am on a mission and I am here to show you that you can help yourself become healthier with no products attached, just you. Just you focusing on your body and listening to what it is telling you.

I did not work out today, so no works to report. Just focusing on my inner energy. But, does that mean I have to run extra hard for my last day? I am not sure at this point, I just know that I am losing it in a healthy way. One day, one step at a time.

I guess to take away from day #4 : I focused on my inner energy to keep my emotions in check. I did not want my husband to suffer from my body changing or get mad at him. He has been my biggest supporter in this whole challenge. I would tell him that he did not have to do it, because this is my project. But, he took my hand and said, no matter what you do as long as you make things happen and you are happy. So, just keep your head up and have a good support system.

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