Challenge blog: Keto Day #3

Weight : Beginning of day 152.0 lbs — End of day 151.4 lbs

Food :

  • Breakfast : coffee and water again
  • Snack : Dark chocolate and alittle bit of strawberries
  • Lunch : Eggs
  • Dinner : lettuce with cucumbers and tomatoes. Spicy sausages and quinoa with an egg.


Daily Blog notes:

Yesterday was just like any other day I had no work, so I decided to just focus on the keto diet , I did some workouts and I drink coffee & water for most of the day to help push more stuff out of my system. It’s not really easy after the third day of keto diet, I look at pictures of like certain foods that I always want like Taco Bell and I actually crave those foods and I normally don’t crave Taco Bell.

I have to keep going moving on the challenge , because I am here to prove that you can lose 10 pounds in the keto in 2 weeks so starting with 5 lb in a week will show people that you know you’re just losing certain things or certain vitamins and good carbs that you should not only be losing. Things that your body holds onto as you get older things that you would have lost as a child because your metabolism is a lot higher as a child.

It not only affects my body, but affects my emotions and my spirit by taking in less carbs I don’t have as much energy and an actually takes out good stuff out of your system so I have to take vitamins to help keep that stuff in there like calcium. They would say that keto is some type of Lifestyle which I which I completely understand because you know, you’re changing your life, you’re changing the way you see food, and you are changing the way you’re thinking by keep going through all of this whole process I’m putting my body into ketosis which is the stage where you’re focusing on low carbs it depends on what kind of Keto you do I guess. Me as a woman my body holds on to Soy cuz of my high estrogen my body holds onto carbs like crazy, my body holds onto other food like crazy so I watch my carb intake because it’ll hold on to those and then actually make me gain weight. I did notice that as I was doing the keto diet I was able to run longer run faster I was able to do a lot more things that would normally hold me back.

So I find alternatives to foods that I love , for example bread and peanut butter I find a different kind of peanut butter and I find a different kind of bread that fits into my keto diet there are actually keto bread out there and they’re really good and also keto banana bread. (Fun fact)

You have to be at the point where you have to be creative with your food and be creative how you’re thinking because if you don’t then putting your body into ketosis and taking it out again and then putting it back into ketosis is hard. That sounds like a lot of work right expecially if you’re working mom or working dad, and you don’t really have or that type of thinking or used to this type of Lifestyle. When I first started putting my body into ketosis which was last year it was really hard for me there were nights when I I wanted the food I wanted other food and I had to keep going I had to hold myself back I had to find other alternatives to keep myself busy so I didn’t have to think about those foods that I wanted that actually was bad for my body. So I started working out I started going out and doing things I started doing something with my life so I didn’t have to think about having more stuff more bad stuff in my body. I guess that’s why some people go out and do things because then they don’t have to sit at home eating bad things I don’t really know but that’s how I figured it out that’s how I got my body into ketosis and then I actually took it out of ketosis after months of Keto.

So to wrap up day 3, I was able to keep my body into ketosis the only really high carb thing at 8 was a spicy sausages for dinner I was able to maintain and keep my energy throughout the day and so my weight did not change that much one from 152 to 151 and then 150 back to 151 which is okay because then that means I I’m doing something that I need to change or that I’m doing something that needs to be different.

I guess if you’re really following these blogs which I don’t really know if you are , you might have noticed that my day two of my day three weights have not changed which is a good thing because I’m here to prove that you can lose 5 lb in a week in a healthy way.  Which we can safely assume that I didn’t really starve myself for 3 days

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