Challenge blog: Keto Day #2

Weight : Beginning of day 152.0 lbs — End of day 151.4 lbs

Food :

  • Breakfast : Coffee and water : Intermediate fasting Another day to keep pushing all the bad stuff out.
  • Snack : Pieces of dark chocolate
  • Lunch : No lunch today, I decided to do some workout. Having two meals day is the main focus
  • Dinner : Steak, mushrooms and eggs with green beans

Workouts: I actually worked out twice today one mile and then another two miles towards the end.

Daily Blog notes:

8:30am : I woke up this morning hungry! I was starving! I think it was because my body is still trying to adjust to the changes. I saw “Whataburger” on my way to work and I can just taste the burger on my tongue. I was at the point I wanted that for breakfast! This is not as easy as you think it is. I surround my burgers, tacos and snacks! I would catch myself walking up to get a snack and end up walking back empty handed. I do not want my body to get out of Keto during this time. Day 2 is feeling alot easier, I think that my body is realizing what is going on.

11:45am: Had some chocolate! Instead of eating the large amounts of carb food, I decided to go for a long walk. With my ” Intermediate Fasting” I have been going to bathroom a lot! No I am not pregnant! I am just drinking water and coffee to push all the bad stuff through.

1:00pm : Just sitting here drinking my coffee wondering if I should get more chocolate or something else to eat? I have not really thought about food for the last hours, not even “snacky” foods. It might be the keto diet talking to me, or something. I always have to go to bathroom every hour, because of the water and coffee I am drinking. I guess this is a cheap option to clean out my system?

3:00pm : It is now 3 and I can feel it really hitting me. My body wants the snacks and treats. It was the sugar and fats. I have treated myself to some chocolate today. Do you think that is a little far? Do I need to stop this chocolate habit of mine? They say Keto is a new lifestyle, but does that mean giving up my favorite chocolates? I avoided midday snacking for the second day in row, my body is really working hard to flush all the bad stuff out. Let us just say that I have spent half my day on the toilet.

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