Challenge blog: Keto Day #1

Weight : Beginning of day 155.2 lbs — End of day 153.0lbs

Food :

  • Breakfast : Coffee and water : Intermediate fasting
  • Snack : 2 pieces of small dark chocolate and some M&Ms
  • Lunch : No salad for me! I am here to prove that you do not have to reduce yourself just to a boring salad everyday 😦 Had some chicken. I was not very hungry at this time.
  • Dinner : Chicken with squash and avocados with an egg ( Keto friendly)


With 2 sets of 30 situps

Daily Blog notes:

8:30am : My work provides meals and snack for us. These foods are High calories and high carb meals that can get us through the day. The temptation is real, I want to load my plate up with some good breakfast tacos with some sausages and bacon. But, in order to have me drop these 5 lbs, I have to stick to coffee and water. Why? In the mornings it will push all the bad stuff out of my system. I walked down to see what was for breakfast. I was so close to grabbing my usual breakfast taco with many pieces of bacon and sausages and a biscuit! Man that sounds so good!

No… I made myself a promise! I had to clean out my system first before I could enjoy some good food. I literally walked

9:30am : I had two pieces of dark chocolate

11:45am: It is almost lunch time and I am not as hungry as I used to be in this morning. I guess I had to fight through the smell of food. I am currently craving a burger with sweet potato fries. Going straight keto, you have to give up those high carbs in order to help your body get rid of the bad stuff.

1:00pm : I found myself naturally chewing on some M&Ms, I have done this so much that it has become a natural thing for me. I have naturally helped myself to some candy why? because it is there. Not because I was hungry. Maybe I should work on this.

3:00pm : No Afternoon snack, I think it is because I was snacking in the morning. This was an interesting day, I think that I might have to try harder for tomorrow. As I begin to wonder if this is possible and tell people of my challenge, I get answers of uncertainty, answers of support. The mixture of things. I think it is because people do not think it is possible. Well, I am here to prove the impossible, to prove that even the smallest achievements can help you reach your goals.


Not only did this diet on my first day change my eating habits, but it also changed my emotions and my thinking. When I got home last night, I was hungry! I think it was because I was always “stress” eating , so my body was used to the food coming in. When I did not eat as much throughout the day, I was hungry all the time. I am fighting with my body to burn through the extra fat that I have. It was affecting my emotions, because I found myself more annoyed by everything, not at people but everything. I was fighting my body to not snack, hence the changing of my emotions. I had to pull myself up to do my nightly run and keep my energy flowing. After dinner, I was able to concentrate better and I actually had a good night sleep. I eliminated all the carbs from my diet for that day and focused on just my Keto diet. Even though I was craving “pop” and different snacks, I had to remind to keep going. By reducing my intake of soda and carbs, I was able to drop the weight fast and keep it off. Check out day #2 of KETO!

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