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So what is it like losing weight? What is the process? Where do I start? What steps do I take? Do I have to sign up for all these products to help me lose weight? Do I have to get tied up in multi-level marketing to lose the weight? Why does this have to be so difficult? Will I have to drag my whole family into this?

If Momma is losing weight, everyone is losing weight right? 

Losing weight does a whole 360 on your life. Your body changes, your emotions change, your feet change, EVERYTHING CHANGES! I think that is what people are afraid of , all the change. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. We get tied up into our normal life and a schedule, we do not want it to change. We get so convinced that losing weight is this whole thing where you have to buy new things and get locked up in all these products and worry about what you eat all the time. I mean who has time for that stuff? Working moms, working dads, people who go to school. We have other stresses in our life, it just seems like too much work right? Who really has the budget to get locked up in all these products? Who has the time to worry about losing weight? Taking care of children, adjusting to their schedule and even eating the food they eat just to keep the energy that seems like the easier lifestyle of you ask me.

Well, I am not here to tell you HOW to lose weight or sell on you anything, I am here to give it to you straight. Give you the truth. Tell you what is takes to really lose the weight you want to lose, while keeping your lifestyle.

When I lost weight, I had to completely focus on it. I was out of work and not really do anything. So I focused on losing weight, but let us face the facts here, when you have children and a family to feed. Do you have that time? Some people don’t. Weight-loss coaches give us fitness schedules, food schedules and materials we will need, but does it all really fit in our schedule? They tell us to adjust to their schedule if this is something we really want. To that I say NO! why? because what if this does not work for me? I just invested time and energy in something that is not giving me results. Something that might not work for me … AND This is what we fear the most.

We see all these weight loss programs on T.V and people selling all these products and think…

Maybe that will work me? 

Seems like too much work. I do not have time for that. 

That is too much money, I have bills to pay. 

Why do I have to give up my favorite foods? 

All these questions and thoughts come to mind, these thoughts that will hold us back from something that we would like to do in our life.

Should we spend millions of money on something that might not work for us? Why do we have to adjust our schedule to this? Why cant it become and fit in our lifestyle? That is why they don’t tell you, YOU can fit a weight-loss schedule into your schedule. But, that is where people get lost… Where to begin right? All weight-loss products and programs and diets fit each people individually. I can tell you all the ways I lost weight and what worked for me, but that does that mean it will work for you. When you think about losing weight, you see people on T.V having their success story, but how much did they pay? How much did they invest? Did something suffer in their life or they had to give up? What made them chose that weight loss program?

As I began my journey to losing weight, I explored different products and different videos on the internet on how to lose weight fast. People want to lose weight fast, they want the results right away, because we want to move on to the next thing right? Not have this become a thing in our life for very long. As I kept exploring my options, I came across several programs and products that I tried, throwing in millions of dollars each year just to get the results that everyone else was getting, but I realized after awhile that I was not getting those same results. I realized that maybe this was not for me. So, I took the plunge and decided to try losing weight the natural way. The way that everyone does not have time for , the way that made me gain discipline. I did not want to become one of those people who are always watching the labels and what they can/cannot eat, I wanted to one of those people who just wanted to adjust my food to the way I wanted to lose weight. I reduced my portion sizes, made changes to  my daily activities and became more open minded to new changes.

As I continued this process, I began to really understand my body. What helps to lose weight, what makes it gain the weight back and how I can adjust to those changes. It may not be the same for you or your sister, so I am not here to sell you on the way I lost weight for my gain. I am here to say that it is okay to take your time losing weight, it is okay to take your time getting to know you.

Let us talk about the gym, okay? When you first go to the gym you get scared right? People might be judging you. All up in your grill , comparing you to them. Helping them feel better about themselves. Think about it this way, you both are at the gym for the same reasons right? Not everyone is built the same. They have a different path than you, so let them compare. Let them see you. Focus on you. Focus on your goals, if you let other peoples looks and comparisons bother you, you will not have the energy to change you. You will not have the energy to be something. Someone else is controlling you, you are letting someone else determaine your weight loss journey

Over the course of two years, I changed the way I ate, my daily activities and I even told myself every week that I needed to lose this many calories and explored many workouts. I gave up all my cheat days (I literally had no cheat days for months)  I did not pay money to get a weight loss coach or a trainer, I did not pay money to buy any products during this time. I was poor, I was barely making enough , but I did not want to give up on my weight loss journey.  I adjusted my weight loss journey to my life style. I adjusted it to fit me, not the other way around. I was building my character and my own story. I did not let another person build it for me. I did not appear on T.V for losing weight or force anyone to do it my way. I just did it. I would explore different foods that would help me from brain foods to high fiber foods to even seafood. I had to be open to something new, something excited. I had to open my mind to new ways of living, but keeping my lifestyle. I have a lifestyle of playing sport, gaming and relaxing. We all love to relax , I wanted to get my weight loss to a point that even relaxing could fit in my journey and it does. As I continue this journey, I discover more about myself and the way my body reacts to certain foods.

As I began to drop the weight , my health problems disappeared. The cysts that I have began to reduce, the pain my fingers and ankles disappeared. I was able to become more confident myself, I was able to climb mountains and jump over creeks without slipping or being scared. Act like I did when I was child, no fear and exploring the world through a new way of thinking. I was changed not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. It was roller coaster of ups and downs, I would cry in the shower, because the weight was not coming off. I would fall into depression sometimes thinking that it would not work. A journey is not a straight path, there are ups and downs. So many challenges that come your way. You just have to take one step at a time and maybe change the way to you do things to keep fighting for the things you want.

Now, let us talk about those who HAVE To lose weight “Doctor recommended” this is a 360 on lifestyle. You are forced to give up your meals that you love, you are forced to give up meals that you had planned. You start missing the taste of foods that you want to eat….

wait…. back up… Do you have to look at this in a negative way? Do you have to get depressed because you could not eat a burger that day? NO!

Look around you, you have family? friends? pets? all these people are supporting you and your lifestyle. That is your lifestyle, did the doctor tell you give up your family to eat healthier? Did the doctor tell you to miss holidays? You are changing the way you eat so you can be with your family longer. Create those memories, see more and explore more of the world. Be you.

So no, you do not have to give up your favorite foods, favorite activities or anything. The term “favorite” changes over your life time. When you were younger, cookies were you favorite. Now something else is right? My favorite used to be Burger King and now I love Mussels. I changed my favorite, I was able to adjust and make changes. Find something that I could control in my weight lose journey. I was proud of the small achievements. Losing 1 lb or walking 1 mile a day…simple things like that gave me that push to keep going. Keep focusing, do not viewed this as a “sad and depressed eating salad” type of diet. Think of the small success you do in your life time. Think of the things you want to do, how you can change your eating based on your lifestyle and not your lifestyle based on your food. Just be you throughout your process, think about your body and listen to what it is saying to you. Give yourself credit for everything that you do, because you are the one living , not your trainer.

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