Chapter 5: Puppies

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One day , we were playing outside in the field trying to find some snakes and frogs.

“Time to come in!” a voice came echoing across the field. We poked up our heads to see our mom outside the house holding a green suitcase and some blankets. Running to see what was going on, I wondered if we were moving again.

“Sona and Jacob, you are going to go stay with your grandma okay?” said mom handing over the suitcase and giving Jacob the blankets.

Unsure how I felt about this, I took suitcase and I felt tears falling down my cheeks. I tried to hold them back as much as I could. My sour milk stomach returned, I did not want to leave mom.

We got into the car with grandma and drove down a few blocks and turned on to a gravel road that took us what felt like miles away from mom. We took a right to a brown house and a gray German Shepard chained to the front barking at us. Walking up the door , the dog barked louder and growled. It pulled at its chain as if it were trying to attack us. Walking into the house, My aunts and uncles were sitting on the couch watching something on the TV, smoking and my cousins were playing on the floor. At that moment, I started crying, because I knew that she would be gone for a very long time and all I wanted to do was to be with her. Grandma took me by my hand and pulled me into a bedroom.

” Sona! I dont have time for this right now, you stop crying and help your brother unpack.” She said whispering sharply at me, squeezing my wrist tighter and tighter. I quickly dried the tears off my eyes, washed my face and went to help Jacob unpack.

Grandmas house had 6 windows and three bedrooms with a bathroom and closet in the hallway. The living room and kitchen was divided by a wall with perfectly cut square hole, so you can see the kitchen from the living room. There were two couches in the living room along each wall and a huge TV set at the wall closes to the front door. The kitchen had a square dining table to the left and light brown cabinet that started on the far right wall and wrapped to the other wall. The back door hung open, letting another dog from the backyard. It was black and it loved licking everyone. The dog jumped on me, knocking me on the ground and started licking my face. As the dog was being pulled off me, I felt something wet in my pants, looking down. I had went to the bathroom in my pants. Before anyone could notice, I asked Grandma if I could take a shower to get the dog spit off my face.

The shower felt nice a cold, it was refreshing on my skin and hair, after wards my aunt put my hair in braids and told me to stay out of the dirt next time. I hid my dirty wet stinky clothes in the wall of house, hoping no one would find them there.

As I walked back into the living room, everyone was moving around so fast. The whole living had just woke up and they were talking on the phone hanging on the wall.

“Are you sure” my aunt said ” She is having them now? I am coming over.” She hung up the phone and rushed out of the house.

Later we found out that Lady had a litter of puppies. Six little blonde puppies. My aunt and uncle were arranging to have them sold to different people. I figured this was normal, so I asked to help.  We were in charge of making sure the puppies were safe from other dogs and people. I had to help feed them everyday and give them a place to sleep. Lady was sent back to my moms house , while the puppies stayed with us. Grandma told us that the ones we did not sell, she would get rid of herself. We had no idea what that meant, but we took care of each one of them.

One day after we gave the puppies a bath, Our aunt rushed us into a room at the back of the house, giving the puppies to us.

“ What is going on?” I asked

“ shhhh, just get in there.” She said whispering to us. Pushing us towards the closest.

Pulling open the closet, she pulled on a lever attached to the floor that open to a hidden section under the house and told us to get inside. Without a word or argue, we all went down into the small dark room under the house, she instructed me to hold Andrea and the puppies, closing the latch and locking it, we sat in the dark for what seemed like hours. The floor beneath us felt soft like cotton it was divided into squared sections by wooden planks. We listened to feet moving back and forth above us between the rooms, our aunts and uncles were shouting at each other. We heard police sirens outside and lots of screaming, we had no idea what was going on. Cold  and hungry, we stayed down there for hours.

All of a sudden, the noises stopped and the hatch opened. Uncle was looking at us, His face was all red and tears were going down his eyes, he had beer in his right hand.

“ GET OUT!!” he said, yelling at us. GET OUT AND GIVE ME THOSE PUPPIES!”

We all climbed up , handing him the puppies and ran outside. That is when we saw a police car and two officers trying to get ahold of our black lab. There was white stuff coming from its mouth. One of the officers had a gun in his hand, while another had a dog leash. They were looking at our black lab and trying to calm it down as it growled, getting ready to jump at them.  One of the officers got really close saying ” It is okay puppy, you are a good boy.” Normally these words would calm our lab down, but he kept growling.

Suddenly, he jumped at the police officer , trying to bite at his face. This surprised me, because our black lab is the sweetest dog I know. He would sleep with us every night and make sure our litter of puppies was safe everyday.

” Children!” yelled grandma , “Get inside!” she was pointing us toward the door. Frozen in fear, I just looked at her and our lab. I was too nervous to walk, but scared enough to run and hide.  We all ran inside and she shut the door behind us. We heard more barking and more shouting.

“BANG! BANG! BANG!” The sound echoed in our ears, in our yard and throughout our house.

Everything got quiet. Like when you are alone at night and all you hear are birds chirping. We peeked through the curtains from the front living room window to see our black lab limb on the ground next to a bloody police officer. Unsure of what to think, I sat down on the couch trying to process what I just heard and seen. Trying to understand if this was real. I came to the realization that I would never see that dog again. My stomach was feeling that sour milk feeling and I started shaking.

(I found out years later, that our black lab was drugged by our Aunts and Uncles as “Joke.” This chapter only tells how Lady only had one set of litter , but she was used to make more litters so my family could sell them or make money off them in some way. Poor lady died after her 10th litter of puppies exhausted. )












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