Chapter 4: Meeting Grandma

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As the days passed, we were not allowed back into school until our hair was cleaned and my brother and I started to get bored. We watch our cousin ride their bikes on their homemade ramps and go down to the little stream by our trailer house and try to catch frogs.

One late night, I felt a shake and heard a voice from the distance. As if it were calling me out of my dream. I opened my eyes to a dark mass looking down at me. The dark mass reach out and shook me awake again. “Sona! get up! ” It said as it walked to the window and into the tiny bit of moon light that was shining through.

“MOM!” I yelled, jumping up from the bed.

“Shh!” she whispered “Go sit in the car in the driveway, grab your brother.”

I quietly shook my brother awake. I explained to him that we were leaving with mom. We gathered all our clothes, we did not have must possessions with us, as we were not given any toys by our Aunt and Uncle. All of our stuff could fit in one medium plastic bag.

When we got into the car, a baby seat was sitting in the front and my sister Danika was sitting in the back. Andrea was sitting on her lap sucking her bottle.

“Where are we going?” I asked her quietly

“I do not know.” She said shaking her head slowly

We pulled out of the trailer courts and made our way towards a gravel road. Turning right on the gravel road and drove down the road for what seemed like hours. The sun was just coming up and I watched as each light beam touched the earth as if it were reaching out to me letting me know that everything was going to be okay.

I looked over at mom, she had one hand on the steering wheel and her other hand was holding down our new brother on his car seat.

” Mom? Where are we going?” I asked.

” Stop asking question Sona!” she said snapping at me and lighting a cigarette while looking at the road.

Finally, we pulled into a neighborhood with lots of houses and dust everywhere. There were dogs barking and people were sitting outside the houses blowing smoke in the air. We pulled into the driveway of one of the houses. It was light blue with white along its edges, a two car garage was attached to the house with a cemented driveway and a front two step tiny porch. Two windows were in the front of the house and two in the back of the house. Our Grandma was standing on the tiny steps at the front door waving at us. We all climbed out of the car and gave her a big hug. I loved my grandma, she was my favorite grandma. She would bake cookies for me and help me make my own dream catchers. She had the best bear hugs in the world.

“Come on in!” she said gesturing towards the front door. As we walked into the living room a brown couch sat against the wall on the right that connect the house and garage, directly across from the couch was a small TV on top of a bedside table that we had at my aunt’s house. White carpet covered part of the floor all the way to the kitchen. The kitchen had brown cabinets, some were missing the doors. To the right of the living room was the door to the garage that had tons of old furniture and bikes.

Just across the living room near the garage door was round dining room table with three rolling brown chairs around it. On the table, lay hamburgers and hotdogs, with so many bags of chips, I would eat for several days. I loved pickle chips, my grandma would get those just for us. To the left of the living room was a long hallway that lead to three bedrooms, a bathroom and a small closet. We were told to pick out a bedroom, they were so much bigger than my Aunts rooms. Each one had its own window and they were big enough for a huge bed for us to sleep on. This got us excited, we wanted a bed to sleep on, we have never really slept on any beds. That made us more excited to think, we could sleep on a bed at night.

“Are we going to get any beds.” Jacob asked

” No, But I did get some blankets for you. The only bed will be in my room and you are not allowed in there.” mom said abruptly.

I looked at my mom and my heart dropped. Peeking behind her, I saw a huge bed on the floor. It was covered in a piles of blankets and a lamp sat next to the bed with my moms radio.  After we picked out our bedrooms, we walked out into the kitchen and got some food. I was so hungry, I immediately grabbed 2 burgers and 2 hotdogs with lots and lots of chips. We have never had this much food in a very long time, we ate until our stomachs were far too full. I felt like I could eat for days and I did not want the food to go away.

After dinner, we went outside to the backyard. Along the far edge of the yard near the highway lay a row of trees, to the far right of the trees were rows of hay bales. We could see every car pass our house and the field besides us could go forever. The sun was shining this bright orange and red color that spread across the field as if it were reaching out to us.

We decided to try and climb the hay bales and found out that it made our skin all itchy and stuck to our clothes. Exploring the trees, we found a nest with three eggs inside. Jacob wanted to smash each egg. He picked one up and was getting ready to throw it on the ground.

“Time to come in!” said a distance voice. We stopped and saw Grandma standing the backdoor calling out to us. Jacob put the egg back and we ran back into the house. Suddenly, a huge dog came bounding from the front of house. It had long brown and white hair and she was beautiful and wanted to lick all our faces. My mom had bought her as a welcome home gift for us and named her “Lady”. She was a beautiful dog who had so much energy, she was three years old and had a pink collar around her neck. I could hug her forever

That night, we gather blankets from our moms’ bedroom in the front hallway and made our beds. Danika and Sarah laid right next to each other and I helped Andrea get ready for bed. My mom had told me to watch her until she fell asleep. She put her on the rough floor and gave me her bottle. We turned off the light and fell asleep to the sound of our drunk relatives screaming and yelling in the background. I watched as the red and yellow colors slowly faded into the night.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to find Andrea gone. My stomach turned and I stumbled across the bedroom to the door. Rushing into the living room, I saw my aunts and uncles all laying on the floor, drunk. My mom was laying on the couch with Andrea in her arms, she was drinking yellow liquid out of her bottle and kicking her feet in the air. I tried to grab her, but my mom woke up and told me to leave her there. At that point, she started to cry so my mom got up, laid her on the couch and went to her bedroom shutting the door. Feeling that I should listen to my mom, I sat with Andrea on the couch smelling cigarette smoke and beer, this made my stomach hurt making me want to throw up. I thought about my nightmare I had the other night.

I was running in a thick forests, running fast and hard. Something was chasing me, I could not figure out what it was, but I knew that I had to stay away from it. I had keep running. The forest was too thick for me to get past, but I kept struggling to get away from that thing that was chasing me. I remember it kept telling me to slow down and that it would help me. 

I woke up shaking from my dream the next morning, I had fallen asleep on couch with Andrea in my arms. I got up, rinsed out her yellow liquid bottle and gave her a fresh one with water and waited the rest of the house woke up.

Mom was laying in bed for the whole day, while grandma got us breakfast of eggs and bacon. We each took turns taking showers and putting on new clothes grandma had made for us. They were made from a very itchy material, but I was glad to wear something fresh.

“Now” said grandma, “Today, we are going to clean out the garage so we can actually put the car inside of it.” she said gesturing towards us. ” If you mom would wake up and help, you can finish it today.”

We spent the whole day moving items in and out of the garage and far into the night. Grandmas told us if can we clean it out before dinner, we will have pizza. My tummy growled for lunch, but we kept going. Mom joined us right when the moon started shining bright into the sky. Mom had us haul two garbage bags out of the garage. Danika and I grabbed one bag and Jacob and my mom grabbed another, it was soo heavy we had to push it up against our chest. As we did that, something sharp cut my thumb making me drop the bag causing Danika to scream in pain.

Mom rushed over to Danika to check her finger, I looked down at my thumb to find my whole hand was covered in blood.

“Grandma…” I said looking her. She looked right at me as I raised my hand in the air. Next thing I know, I was in the back Grandmas car with my sister. We were being rushed to the hospital. The nurses looked right at my uncovered blood everywhere hand and rushed me into the ER room. They laid my sister on bed and me on the other bed.

“Sona” grandma said, “You will have to get stitches and your sister. They are going to take a needle and sew your thumb back together okay?”

I just stared at her, trying to imagine “Stitches.” The nurse came in holding a silver plate, on the plate with a tiny needle on it. I looked at my sister and she was surprisingly calm. Mom held me down as they poked my thumb, I screamed. I could not stop myself, I could not stop my tears from coming. The nurse did 6 stitches in my thumb and they wrapped it in some white cloth. Instructing me to leave it on for six weeks, grandma helped me off the table. The doctor gave us both a sticker and we headed home.

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