A step to the unknown

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This sounds like a weird blog entry. Weightloss is something that people don’t want to read about , because they might not fully understand it and even reading about it might make you feel uncomfortable. It might make you feel less about yourself. That is not what this post about. My point of this post is to show you how it can change your life. How is change your view on life.

In 2017, I was 180 lbs and 5’2 inches. I was overweight for my body height. I had no direction in my life. Even finding a job was hard for me. I kept making excuses for myself. I would not go out and eat or ” socialize” because I did not have the energy and spiritually I was mentally drained, I was only 25 years old at this time. I think around this age, everyone goes through a bit of “depression” in their lives as they find out where they belong. I was working with children and making decent money. Every day at my job, I would question what I was doing and if I really belonged in that career field. The more I thought about the goals that I have not done in my life, the more I ate. I looked at myself every day, wondering who this person was. Mentally I let someone else take my life over. C4E167F7-4774-4DBE-9872-7A03E9A7B1E6

I started looking at enlisting in the military and finding a better career in a different place. That means moving away from our families. My ex husband at that time was against all this. He wanted me to stay where I was and find some crappy job to make ends meet. So I tried this for a bit, I worked at small different places, moving from job to job and having to explain why I was moving from job to job, not having any real direction. My weight started adding on and I found no energy to do anything. My ex husband wanted me to live a life that I did not belong. After finding certain social media messages, I decided that it was time to find my own way.

20190603_162641So … July 2017….I made alot of changes. When you make changes like this either the people around you are with you or against you. They do not know what to expect, so they start backing off from you or they push you towards your goals. I had so many people doubt me, asking me if this was good idea. Questioning me. I told them ” yes it is..” I had thought about this for many years and I knew where I wanted to go.

After my divorce, I began doing what I loved. I moved to Austin and began dropping the weight. It did not happen in one night. I learned to eat healthier and gave into more of my passions. I began to discover new things about myself. From 2017 to 2019 I had lost a total of 36 lbs (180-144 lbs). Since I was not making alot of money, I had to figure out how to lose weight the natural way. From smaller portions, to being more active and pushing myself to not give into my old self. I pushed forward and did not turn back, not even when people started doubting my journey. I minimized my gaming (yes I am a gamer) this pulled me away from my own community and I had lost alot of good friends. I went to bed hungry, I started making this apart of my daily routine and even opened myself to new foods that could help me lose the weight I needed. My energy started coming back. I am becoming the person I was meant to be.Capture+_2019-07-01-20-10-02

As I lost weight, my health problems disappeared. My ankles don’t hurt anymore, my cysts ( two cysts of them)  have shrunk in size. My energy is back to how it was in High School. I can run 2 miles in the morning and to some high intense workout in the afternoon with another 2 mile run. Sounds exhausting right? In 2017, if I read this blog, I would have stopped reading. I would felt bad about myself and my life. This blog is not to make you feel hurt about yourself, I want to encourage you to find you. You don’t have to start off running 2 miles everyday. Take a hike, take some pictures. Start out doing something every day. Take pictures of your adventures, so it can help you feel good about who you want to be, which can encourage you.

Capture+_2019-07-01-17-06-41Capture+_2019-07-01-17-06-21Weight loss sounds like alot of work and yes the unknown does scare people.  Yes! You can find any excuse in the world. I have learned one thing that , your mind is your biggest supporter. Once it gives into those excuses, it will take many years to fix it. There is no easy way to say that losing weight is easy. We are always looking for the next thing, the next fast way to do things. The next upgraded thing, but when it comes to losing weight, that is where you gain discipline about yourself. That is where you learn about yourself. That is where you learn to slow down and enjoy the life you want to build.

I can blog about how awesome it is and how you find yourself and you may read this blog. But, the only person that will tell you how to lose weight is you.Capture+_2019-06-03-17-50-32

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