Artist of Austin

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Have you ever just looked around the place you live in? Let it be a city or town or country? Did you open your eyes to the art of the place? it can be the sky or something drawn on the side of a building. It can be the the design of the trees or the way the grass flows. It can be anything you want it to be. When I moved to Austin, it was like my eyes were opened to a whole new world. There was art everywhere, on the walls of buildings , the ground everywhere! Every place I went had a theme from robots to dragons and abstract art. They even had a place designated to art called ” The Graffiti Wall” a place where an old building used to be, instead of having the remains of the building just sitting there, the people of Austin took it by storm and made Austin their canvas. Now, the city is tearing this attraction down for more apartment buildings. Knowing the people of Austin and the explosion of art, there will be another place like this in the future. 22829272_1907539689510921_8442114533080009154_o22791749_1907529782845245_3719107787454274387_o22829224_1907539382844285_1792722258721788728_o

Everywhere you turn there is Art, on the walls, the ground, the trees and all sorts of sculptures and it is changing all the time. My walk to and from work, the artwork on the buildings is changing everyday. I once watch an Artist change a whole side of a building in one week. One thing I have realized, the art is not the same. You see everything from animals, to people to even landscapes. Every corner you turn is different and leads you to a new exciting adventure.22791905_1907539459510944_4844520015709701243_o

I find this funny, I am here writing a blog about Art and I am not very good at “interpreting” artwork. My mom can tell you how good of an artist I am, but she is my mom. I grew up on sports and the rules and guidelines of sports, so when it came to artwork, I was like “What is even going on…” I am sure I am not alone here.

My life shifted when I moved here and now Artwork is apart of my life, sometimes I wonder if I should have taken that Extra Art 2 class or made an effort to take art in College. Here in Austin, I meant a wonderful man whose family is all about Artwork, while my family is all about sports. My eyes were open a whole new meaning to “Art” and what art is actually about. I have attended several art shows while being in Austin and me clearly not knowing what is going on, I just kinda go with it. When someone ask me to explain the painting or sculpture. My mind literally goes blank. I am not the only here right? I am more of a straight forward person, so when it comes to abstract art, nothing comes to mind.

65984828_878020455864983_2387676498573131776_nAs I explore more of Austin, you can see that the Artist of Austin took Austin by storm, they made their stamp in this ever growing city and focus on showing off their personalities. The artist of Austin are showing that you can show off your artwork in any shape or form. I can go on my morning jog see a beautiful frog with flowers on one building and that night come across that same building with Robots all over it. This may sound a bit “Discouraging” when artist put up their work, but I am sure there is some mutual understanding about artist covering up other artist work. Right?

65372483_10216684789044509_3957009354703503360_oThis past night, I went to this art show called “Recovery RTX” my fiance had displayed some of his art there, along with his family. This art show had different kinds of art pieces. I was expecting like “canvas” art more and paintings, but I came to realize that art is not just “canvas” art or painting on some wood. It is everything, from jewelry to stone making, music and even dream catchers. This art show had it all. Everyone wanted to display their art work and show the world what they had to offer. The walls of this building was even covered in art! Heck! The other buildings around the art show even had art on them! It was a great art show and my fiance got to show off his artwork to the local artist instead of just social media. 66057917_2273624242717886_4752310403113943040_n

To the people who visit Austin, you might just walk pass some art on a building without a second thought, but if you take a second and see the details of the artwork , you might discover something new and different. Each Artist of Austin has their own unique style, which helps keep “Austin Weird” as the saying goes. Austin is not just a place for big corporations, Austin is a place where the people have taken it over and made it their home. So if you come visit Austin, take a moment and check out the Artwork and maybe take a picture or two, ask the Artist questions and make your own artwork.

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