Hours & Dollars

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20190523_162832_HDRWhat do you think of when you think about work? Do you think about when you have to wake up? What time you have to leave? Do you rush out the door?

When we go to work, we have to figure out lots of factors , such as when we have to wake up, what time we have to leave our house, how long traffic will take , even what transportation to take (if you live in big cities). If you can walk to work. So many factors and sometimes you only have 30 mins to do it. Why do we make this hard on ourselves? To find the best job and get the best experiences? Looking for the job you want can be hard and when you get it, would you give up hours and dollars of transportation just to get to this job? The answer is yes! Yes you would spend hours in traffic just to get to the job you want and get those experiences. The answer is yes! Because you finally got a job! We are human, we will do anything to keep the job we want, no matter how many forms of transportation we have to take.

For example, everyday I get dropped off at the train station by my fiance and take a 6:52am – 20 min train ride to downtown, then I have to take a 5-10 min scooter ride to my job at this point I am at work by 731am and that is on a good day. Not counting any delays on the train being late or if there is any scooters at the train stop.

It amazes me how we rely on someone else to take us to work everyday and we put our trust in them, from safety to getting us from point A to B. We would spend over $100 a month just on transportation instead of taking our own cars and sitting in traffic for hours on end. We would rather spend $100 to pay for another form of transportation everyday just to get the job we want. So that is when we look for cheaper options. Take my commute for example, I would rather spend $7.00 A day just to take the train and another $3.00 to scoot to work so I can make it on time verses take a car and paying $30.00 for parking every day while sitting in traffic for 2 extra hours that I can spend with my family. Come on, would you want to spend the rest of your evening sitting in traffic? I know I wouldn’t. Again, why do we have to make this hard on ourselves?

Now, let us talk about the commute home. Do you take the same route? The same train or use an uber ? There are several options for you take or you can sit in hours of traffic. We factor in so many possibilities on our way home, we sometimes just toss money here and there. Once, I spent $100 a month ticket for the train and I ended not really using half that months train ticket, so was it a waste or is it more of a waste sitting in traffic letting the gas level go down? Again, this depends on your commute and the type of car you have. Also, this is where road rage comes in. You complain how long you have to sit in traffic, when another form of transportation can be quicker and shorter.

When my fiance worked downtown, he would drive to work everyday and make the 2 HR commute home every day , so he can avoid paying for other forms of transportation? Do people take their cars to help them feel important? Or to prove they are making good money? Or just because they want to sit in traffic? There are many reasons why people would rather take their cars verse putting their trust in another form of transportation.

On my commute home, since the train is doing repairs ( which is another form of delay I had to factor in my daily commute) I have to take a bus to the train or I can take a scooter which costs me $3.00. With the bus, the transportation is free, but sometimes I give into spending that extra $3.00.

My point being, we would do anything to get the job we want in our lives, no matter how many trains or ubers or buses or how long we sit in traffic to get and keep the job we want. Your manager might be impressed, but inside you are mentally exhausted after a few months of it, but this is the new normal.

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