Buying A house

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The idea of buying a house is exciting right? Seeing all the types if houses and the cool designs. The personality the house brings and the type of neighbor you want. The way you want your house, from a big backyard to how many bedrooms. What type if kitchen you like and the location. That sounds all exciting right?

The way I see it, there are three stages of buying a house. The “ exciting stage” which is the part you explore the houses you like. The “money / reality stage” where you get your budget and if you can even afford the houses you like and figuring our closing cost and bidding on the house. Wondering if you can pay for a mortgage. Lastly, the “ move in stage “ where you finally get to move in and start paying for a mortgage,

My fiancé and I are in the process of buying a house and that is when the reality kicks in. We have to pay for all sorts of things like the closing costs, the inspector. Okay who made this all up anyway? Who decided that buying a house should be hard. Why do we make things so hard on ourselves?

As we are looking at houses , each one brings their own personality and charm. We even looked at a house that was haunted.  Our first house we literally had no idea what we were doing. We didn’t know the right questions to ask or what we even wanted. We just kinda wanted to see the process. We did not know our budget yet, I will tell you a-bit about that later, we just wanted to explore the houses and different location. At this point, we just wanted to enjoy that “ exciting” stage of buying houses. We explored what we wanted, the yard size, the house size, how many bedrooms and how many floors.

As we continued our process, we realized we needed a budget if we wanted to continue our house buying process. So, we found a good realtor , asked our family for help and went from there. We finally were able to see houses we can afford and find the one that fits us. Now, that we established a budget by going through the VA , which calculates our income, credit score and history, how long we have maintain our jobs and credit. Just a lot of stuff. Again, why do we make this hard on ourselves.  I guess to prove to someone else that we are good people? 

After we have all our payments together, we are finally at the stage where we are using all the money we saved and watching it leave our checking accounts like pieces of candy.  We are watching our spending everyday to make sure the money we make goes to our house on top of our other bills. Yes! When people say this is stressful, it is! Everyday we look At each other and say “ One step and one day at a time.”

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