Are you happy with where you are going in life?

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This is an interesting title. I was asked this today June 12th, 2019. ” Are you happy with where you are going? ” My answer ” Yes! ” I am happy. I have made so many positive changes in life , I look back to my days where I struggled… Cried in the shower… Cried in my car… Questioned my life… Before I go further. Let me go wayyy back to the beginning, where it will all make sense.

*June 1991-March 2001* 20190618_070201.jpg

I was born to an abusive family and moved from foster home to foster…. I was told I didn’t matter… I was beat.. Abused and my step father did so many bad things. My mom left me and siblings to find food for ourselves. We woke ourselves up to try and make the school bus for school. We even collected pennies just to get some sunflower seeds for a meal. You ever heard the stories of child who literally taught themselves how to live without their parents. Who “acted” Like parents because their parents were drug dealers? Well, I am the living proof. My background isn’t as grand as most peoples background who grew up with baby pictures and development life stones.. Whose mom and dad taught them everything. If you expect that, I would stop reading right now., because this story will take you to a journey you never thought would exist in this world. A journey to something that was told by many people as “impossible.”

Look for my next entry next week…



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